Mondays Suck. But No Rule Doesn’t.

Recover from your undoubtedly shitty Monday (or perhaps continue riding its wave of awesome) by attending Scottie B (Baltimore club LIVING legend!) and Cullen Stalin’s (one of my fave party DJs) weekly music showcase, NO RULE.  Held every Monday night at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, NO RULE brings the latest sounds to keep everybody up to date on what’s happening in the dance scene, whether it be dubstep, bass, or tonight’s special (and my personal fave), MOOMBAHTON!

Tonight’s showcased DJ is DC’s Billy the Gent.  Billy the Gent has already solidified his reputation as a legit party DJ, spinning everything from dubstep, club, and house. More recently, he’s been killing it in the moombahton game.  Here’s a link to his Moombah Original Radio Mix, his thirty minute take on moombahton which dropped last month.

Download Billy the Gent’s latest moombahcore creation, Munchicore VIP, here.  You might spontaneously combust, though.  It’s BANANAZ.

See yall tonight!



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